We all remember how everybody was buzzing when the club announced the signing of last year’s PSV and Erdevise top scorer Memphis Depay. How we all started to dream about him making the same impact as the great Ruud Van Nistlerooy did when he joined the club from PSV. However, with him entering his third month in the Premier League, he’s been nothing but an average player. So what are the main reasons behind his below par form?

Last game versus Arsenal he was subbed off at half time for Fellaini with Bastian Schweinsteiger playing on the wing. With rumours of a dressing down from Club Legend and Assistant Manager Ryan Giggs for not being able to track back and help the defense forcing Rooney to leave his position and try to help the defense which weakened the team. So why is a player who was compared with Cristiano Ronaldo when he first came is in such a form?

1. The curse of the number 7 shirt:
Ever since Ronaldo, the club didn’t have a decent Number 7 for one main reason, excluding Michael Owen who was in the latter stages of his injury plagued career, and it is the pressure felt by the players who are wearing the same number that was worn by the likes of Best, Cantona and Beckham.

2. The celebrity lifestyle:
I will be criticized a lot by this with people saying but Beckham and Ronaldo had a wilder celebrity life yet they performed and gave a 110% for the club when they played. The main difference is that this lifestyle is taking all of Memphis’ attention making him forget that a player like him who earns more than £100k/week to play for a team like Manchester United must give something in return, and in that case he must do his job, the job that any winger has to do, and that’s assisting the attack and the defense.

3. His selfishness:
It is a very well known fact that Memphis is one of the most selfish players you’d see on the pitch. He tends to forget that this is a team sport and that he has to pass the ball to open players instead of shooting and trying to cut inside and beat all defenders and show that he is the star of the club.

So what do you think is the main reason behind this form? Have your say.

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