After a disappointing performance from United today, we take a look at certain things we observed from the boring game. Crystal palace played fairly well and were unlucky not to win, United were just bagging possessions without any penetration.

Frist thing we noticed in today’s game is that Louis Van Gaal cannot bench Wayne Rooney no matter how bad and awful he plays, he will definitely find his way into the first team. Wayne Rooney didn’t impress today at all, he was just there to complete the team. A striker that is never in the penalty box.

Second thing we noticed is that Louis Van Gaal style of play is not helping matters at all. United may control the game and claim all the possessions, but they are lacking creativity in the final third. Goals win games for you, not possessions. United will struggle to win games if they continue playing like this.

Third thing we noticed is that Anthony Martial is being wasted at the left wing. Playing our current best player at the left wing isn’t helping matters at all. Martial should be playing the striking role and that is the only way United can score goals.

Fourth thing we noticed is that our defence has been pretty solid this season. Phil Jones was injured and couldn’t play the game, so Daley Blind partnered with Smalling at the center back and both of them were solid. Rojo is having his best moment in the united shirt, he’s been outstanding, and Darmian has improved a lot too.

The last thing we noticed is that Louis Van Gaal makes the wrong substitutions whenever he is frustrated. “Young can play many positions and as a coach, this is good for you” – LVG. He believes Ashley young can play anywhere. Ashley young came to replace Darmian in the palace game at the right back position, this change baffled the fans even though Darmian was already booked. When the fans saw that Fellaini was ready to come on, they were expecting that Rooney will make way for him but Fellaini actually came to replace Schweinsteiger.

United will host CSK Moscow on Tuesday and it is unlikely that they will win the game if the above issues aren’t addressed or looked into.