If you are familiar with Manchester United twitter, then you should know @carrick_fan. He is popularly known for his funny and interesting Match reviews, previews and other affairs concerning Manchester United which he shares on his YouTube Channel. Mathew a.k.a Carrick_fan as the name implies, is a diehard Michael Carrick fan. He revealed that he fell in love with Manchester United because of their entertaining style of football and the successful nature of the English club.

Considering the fact that Mathew loves Manchester United because of their entertaining style of football, one might wonder if he’s still in love with Manchester United under Louis Van Gaal.

We all know how boring Manchester United are this season and Fans on twitter are displeased, Mathew inclusive.

Sightsonunited had and exclusive Interview with Matt on twitter where he talked about Tonight’s game Vs Wolfsburg, United style of play, Louis Van Gaal’s performance so far and a possible replacement for Louis Van Gaal if he’s eventually sacked.


When asked of his thoughts ahead of Tonight’s game Vs Wolfsburg

“I’m nervous ahead of the game, I don’t know what to expect”


When asked to Rate Louis Van Gaal’s performance as coach this season

“6. The reason I say that, it’s because of our style of play.”


When asked what he hates in the style of play, if it’s due to lack of goals or everything together



When asked if he supports the #LVGOut Movement

“I’m LVGIn, only just though, I just want to see better football”


When asked if he’d stand with #LVGIn If United fails to qualify at Wolfsburg tonight

“Depends on how we play”


When asked if he thinks the players don’t like LVG’s style and a possible replacement for Louis Van Gaal if he is eventually sacked

I don’t know about that and I would get Carlo Ancelotti, he’s available”


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