Manchester United slumped to their fourth defeat in a row after being “out classed” by brave Stoke City.

Louis Van Gaal is now on the hot sit as his side has failed to win any of their last seven games and the fans think that it is time for the Dutchman to leave the club. LVG previous presser for the Boxing Day “won” the hearts of some United fans who thought there will be a turn of events after the coach poured out his heart in front of the press, but it didn’t seem to come out that away after United’s embarrassing display against stoke.

Dwight Yorke was also embarrassed and displeased with the way the team played on Saturday and the fans shared his comments on twitter showing that they also share the same feeling.

Fans on twitter are impatient and they think that the only solution to this disgrace is to sack the Manager before he causes any more harm in the club. The fans labelled his style of play “ancient” and “outdated” and made it known that it has no place in the modern football. They want him to be sacked even before the Chelsea game because they believe that United will lose more games if the Dutchman is still their Manager.

“After sacking Louis Van Gaal, what next?” “JOSE MOURINHO!!” That is the response you will get from the “desperate” united fans who want Jose Mourinho, Chelsea previous coach to take over the club. Although some fans may prefer Guardiola, but they stated that they had no choice considering the fact that they might not finish in the top four position if LVG continues managing the club.

The fans ranted for hours and as usual, we take a look at their tweets and their thoughts on the game, team and Management.