We are in the season of bottlers. Spurs, Arsenal and just recently, Liverpool. All these teams have bottled their chances this season, Spurs and Arsenal bottled their chance to win the premier league title this season. Liverpool on the other hand have bottled two important finals, the first one was the capital one final against Manchester City while the second is the recent one against Sevilla.

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Manchester United will face Crystal Palace this Saturday as both teams will fight for the FA Cup title, and one would wonder if Man United are the next team in line to bottle their chance.

The Manchester United boss, Louis Van Gaal will look to win the FA Cup if he is to savage anything from this season.

LVG believes he can win the Cup to make the fans happy, the fans on the other hand are believing that the final will be his last game; he should win the trophy and go.

Manchester United had the opportunity to scale through Manchester City and make the top four position but unfortunately bottled their chance by losing to West Ham few weeks ago. The bottling incident happened before and I think it can happen again because the team as a whole can’t seem to perform in a time they are most needed.

Crystal Palace boss Alan Pardew is also cautious of his approach, he said that Manchester United is a big team with big players like Martial, Rooney and even Fellaini. He believes that him and his team are focused and ready for the final, which means the final will be a classic encounter.

LVG is known for choosing the wrong players for important games and his poor decisions have punished him severally. Despite all his mistakes, he hasn’t for once learn from his mistakes, he continues to experiment or do what suits him thereby making the chance of success a difficult one.

Point is, if Louis Van Gaal wants to win the FA Cup for the fans as he claims, he will have to field in the right players. Not only the right players, he will also have to give them further support like shouting out instructions and directions to players that aren’t following accordingly.

But we all know LVG, he does what he wants. United fans will hope he doesn’t bottle this golden chance even though they are expecting it.