Mourinho’s side, Manchester United continued their flying start into the new premier league campaign with a 2-0 win over Southampton on Friday night.

Paul Pogba made his debut, already brought positive character to the team as well.

Mourinho became the first United boss in 79 years to have won his first three fixtures, following the Community Shield triumph and last Sunday’s Premier League opener at Bournemouth.

We take a look at the talking points and things we learned from the game:

Paul Pogba will flourish at Manchester United

The fans at Old Trafford were expecting something special from the 23yr old, and he surely gave them a glimpse of his quality on friday night against Southampton.

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Pogba started his debut in a decent manner, although his first touch in the game almost led to a Southampton goal. He was composed and energetic, always taking the ball forward and switch plays with his passes.

His stats in the game are pretty decent and convincing

I’d say I’m a little bit surprised because this same Paul Pogba was on holiday for the past few weeks, no pre season game or training, but yet he is still able to put out a decent performance. He showed the United fans and entire world what he can do for the team and I am sure the United fans loved what they saw and will be expecting more and even better.


Wayne Rooney is slowly adapting to Mourinho’s style.

Wayne Rooney haters will definitely hate to hear this but I think Wayne Rooney will come out good under Jose Mourinho.

The captain started the game against Southampton, put out a decent performance; assisted Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s first goal with a beautiful cross into the box.

He has now scored one and assisted one goal in two games and it will be difficult for Mourinho to drop him, that is if he was even thinking about it.

The England international has his flaws too; his first touch is not good enough, gives floating  predictable passes and has a low technique. Amongst all these, is a leader and great captain who wants to help his team achieve their goals, and Mourinho is obviously seeing this part of Wayne Rooney too.

He made certain mistakes that were corrected by Fellaini and Paul Pogba in the Southampton game, and I think those too we be looking to help Wayne Rooney out to make him a better ‘midfielder’.



Juan Mata the defender

Yes, you read it right. Juan Mata, who many believed is on the verge of leaving Manchester United upon the arrival of Jose Mourinho has been impressing his coach and the fans so far.

In the community shield game, he came in the as a sub and was later again substituted for Henrikh Mkhitaryan because he was too ‘short’. Many people thought that it was a sign that he won’t be in Mourinho’s plan this season, but things are looking a little different now as he has scored in his first premier league game and put out an impressive performance in the second.

Juan Mata was rather defensive in Manchester United’s game against Southampton, his stats shows that he has contributed to the defensive play, and really did well.

He is replacing injured Jese Lingard who starred in the community shield against Leicester, and is looking to keep his role in the starting eleven with more decent performance. Mkhitaryan started from the bench again, Mourinho explained why he is starting from the bench;

“I was reading the game against Leicester and I felt that we needed the speed of Jesse Lingard and, in the game against Bournemouth, that [Juan] Mata would help guard against their pressing really high. He could reach some spaces behind the line of the pressure and could be very useful for us.”

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Fellaini is actually playing well; No elbows, No red cards, just decent football

Marouane Fellaini was impressive yet again for Manchester United on friday at Old Trafford against Southampton.

The Belgian, like Rooney is slowly adapting to life under Jose Mourinho who is pleased with the midfielder’s recent performances. Fellaini made some decent interceptions in the game, kept his passing simple, and also covered up Wayne Rooney mistakes in one or two occasions. He completed 87% of his passes and made some other defensive contributions.

I think it’s fair to say he is now playing well much to the delight of the fans.



Zlatan! Zlatan is a King!

Zlatan is already enjoying life at Manchester United. He has scored in all three games for Manchester United this season. Ibrahimovic was on target again again against Southampton on friday, scoring two goal; one fine header and a penalty kick.

Many doubted his abilities and questioned his age, but Ibrahimovic is silencing his critics with good and impressive displays for Manchester United.