After much speculation that Wenger will sign a striker, we have about 10 days till the end of the transfer window and he is yet to sign any. Arsenal fans can take solace in the fact that he tried signing Jamie Vardy even though he opted to remain in Leicester. At least, it means Wenger knows they need a quality centre forward.

Recently, Wenger commented that Alexis can be Arsenal’s Suarez or Aguero but if we are to go by both matches he has played this season, he is far from it.

Sanchez loves to roam hence leaving the ‘CF’ position at times. He prefers to run towards the ball and attempt to create rather than run in behind the defenders. This trait is clearly that of an attacking midfielder and not of a striker. To get the best out of Sanchez, Wenger has to play him as a winger

Going into the future, one would hope Wenger has finally seen reasons why Sanchez isn’t a striker and sign a centre forward. Besides the EPL should not be a testing ground for him to become a striker at the expense of not getting the best out of him.




After yesterdays goalless draw, it was clear that Arsenal missed Mezut Ozil. He is still the main man at Arsenal.The gunners dominated possession but didn’t look like scoring. The moment Ozil got in, things looked different. He started creating chances and even his team mate began to make better movement and looked hungrier.

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Going into the future, if Arsenal are to really compete for the titles, they will definitely hope Mezut Ozil maintains his top form and stays injury free.




For me, he was the man of the match. Made several key tackles and without him, Arsenal would have most likely conceded one or two goals. His presence oozed belief and confidence as even Holding benefited from playing alongside him. The whole defence looked different which just shows how his presence alone can improve the team.

Hopefully, if Wenger signs a top CB he will be able to form a formidable partnership with Koscienly and lead Arsenal to their first title in years.


So far, Walcott has shown he has nothing to offer Arsenal and is just a waste of space. Of Course, he is clearly low on confidence but Wenger can’t keep starting him in the first 11 only for him to contribute nothing at expense of the team.

If the news are true, there are rumours that it’s between Joel and Walcott to leave Arsenal and Wenger has decided to let go of Joel. Which seems to be a wrong move.

I understand Wenger’s temptation to let Walcott stay because he is more of a goal threat than Joel which is what Arsenal need the most but at the moment, he isn’t scoring or creating chances and he shouldn’t be played based on sentiments. This is an easy choice for Wenger if you ask me.



After making his first appearance against Liverpool in which he wasn’t as bad as people made him. This was a player just making his first senior appearance in the EPL after spending majority of his career at Bolton. He seemed a different player being partner to Kosicienly and looked more confident. His tackles, clearances and interceptions were very good and even Wenger himself was very impressed. He said after the match “nobody speaks about the performance of Rob holding today. He is English, he is 20years old, you should be happy. But I am sorry he didn’t cost £55m so it cannot be good”.

The fact that Holding looked more ready in the EPL than Chambers says a lot about his quality. Although it’s early days, one can only hope his form continues without any hindrance.

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