Just two games into the season, it seems like all is doom for the gunners. The media incited the fans who in turn lashed out their frustration on Wenger. Now, this should not be miss interpreted as they have a genuine reason for their outcry. But things are not as bad as both the media who incited the fans and the fans who allowed their fragility to be capitalised on put it.

Any person with a decent football knowledge knows Arsenal need a world class striker or at least some one considerably better than Giroud and also, a very good centre back. Adding a quality winger to the mix can be a bonus of sort. But then, with Wenger being in charge all this seems like a dream that won’t come to reality. The present Arsenal team itself isn’t bad at all and is just 2/3 players away from being completed. I guess that is where the frustration of most fans come from. Being so close yet so far away.


Now, looking at both matches Arsenal has played, majority of football lovers will tell you that they aren’t ready based on those performances. But, I think that’s an overreaction by many. I won’t say they are certainly ready but as said earlier on, not far behind. So far, Arsenal has arguably played tougher opponents than their rivals. While both Manchester clubs have played Bournemouth, Southampton, Sunderland and stoke city. And Chelsea has played against West ham and Watford. Now, Bournemouth, Southampton are not on the same quality as Liverpool and Leicester city who Arsenal has played. Bar Arsenal defensive shambles against Liverpool they have done fairly well. Koscienly’s presence alone in that match might have changed the outcome. Even though Man city won their games against lesser oppositions, their defence isn’t all that stable itself. While Chelsea needed to grind out results against both West ham and Watford. The only team that looks ready is Man United but they have played against the weakest opposition amongst their rivals.

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It should be said that Wenger hasn’t helped either and recent comments of mentioning Sanogo, Akpom and Walcott among the strikers seem like he is making a mockery of the fans. Adding to that, he said the club is responsible for 600 employers which shouldn’t be the manager’s concern. I think there is a CEO and majority shareholder for a reason. It only makes you wonder the kind of power Wenger wields in Arsenal.

The manager should be assigned his transfer budget which doesn’t include money to keep other employers pay check steady.

The quality of the squad shouldn’t be in doubt and the moment Wenger adds a world class striker and a centre back, the whole team quality will shine out.

For now, contribute your quota and support the team.


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