Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic is easily angered and does not like to be touched by opponents, according to Watford defender Miguel Britos.

Watford condemned United to their third successive defeat in a row, in all competitions, with a 3-1 success at Vicarage Road on Sunday. Ibrahimovic had scored five goals in five games at the start of the season, but has failed to find the net in successive defeats against Feyenoord and Watford.

Former Bologna and Napoli defender Britos told Uruguayan radio channel Sport 890: “This is not the first time I have played against him. I faced him when he played in Milan. We were able to control him as well as [Wayne] Rooney [on Sunday].

“He [Ibrahimovic] is a bit arrogant and he angers easily. He does not like to be touched. Beyond that, he is a phenomenon. He is a complete player and he is also very big and hard to defend.”

Despite United manager Jose Mourinho’s troubling current run of form, Britos added that having both him and Pep Guardiola working in England is “one more plus” for the Premier League.

Discussing the atmosphere in England’s top flight, Britos added: “The fans of each team come to cheer for the players and not just to insult the other side. It is a party. The stadiums are always full. I am enjoying it more here [than in Italy].

“Here, the children enter the dressing room an hour before the match so that we can sign autographs. In Italy, that never happened because we had to remain focused.”

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Culled from ESPNFC