It’s been three years since Alex Ferguson retired. He left Manchester United after 26-27 years and 32 titles. After that and under Ferguson’s own recommendation, the club brought in David Moyes as a replacement who gave the club the worst season we have ever seen, depriving Manchester United fans of seeing their club play in Europe, and was sacked with four games remaining. The club has then appointed veteran manager Louis van Gaal.

So why do you think I am telling you a story you already know? Because as it seems some Manchester United fans still think that Ferguson is still the manager. Sure he came and did his job and brought the club all these trophies and glories, in fact he is the most successful manager in Manchester United history, however people need to stop living in the past.

I am afraid to say that some United fans are acting like Newcastle and Liverpool fans, why? We all see Newcastle fans trying to compare each manager they get to Sir Bobby Robson who was the most successful manager in Newcastle in the last three decades or so. They criticized every manager they got forgetting that the team is past its glory days and that they aren’t capable anymore to win trophies unless the club starts to invest in new talents. They always blamed Pardew that the club didn’t make it into Europe and demanded that he should leave and he made their wishes come true and left for Palace who had a mid-table finish whereas Newcastle narrowly escaped relegation.

As for Liverpool fans, we all saw how Brendan Rodgers was criticized by the fans and they asked for him to be sacked just because they missed out on a place in the Champions League but instead got a place in the Europa League. They forgot that the manager helped the team to reach the Champions League after a period away from the competition, “but he is no Paisley or Shankly” as some Liverpool fans said, Klopp’s on course to that too. However, we all know that the likes of Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley are once in a life time managers and that there will never be someone like them, well at least for Liverpool.


Let’s get back to United, it is a well known fact around the world that the club is run by Charlton and Ferguson who have a huge history with the club, although it is their right to attend games but sitting between the fans would just put more pressure on the current manager, regardless of who that manager is, and even on the players. It is as if Ferguson is saying look at how United have become after I left them, and that nobody is better than me at guiding the team. And that leads to an uproar in the media causing even more pressure on the team.

Recent reports claim that Charlton is the only reason Manchester United are yet to sign Jose Mourinho as the new manager and that the only thing keeping Louis as manager is that the board of directors are still to find his replacement. Charlton and Ferguson want a manager that would work the way they want, not a manager that would do whatever he wants and thinks it is best for the team and ignore their wishes. Louis van Gaal is lean with the board of directors whereas Mourinho wouldn’t be.

There’s a saying we hear everyday and it is: “Nothing lasts forever”. There comes a time when you have to leave all behind and move on. We always love the past because it happened in the past but if it were to come back we would hate it.

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